Durable industrial markings, control panels and metal identification plates

Over 70 years of experience, combined with the expertise and reliability to deliver on time and hassle free. Solutions for military, aerospace and OEM applications.

More than just printing

At Prentice, we have the capability to print on almost any surface and shape, from the simple industrial decal to the complex markings on a medical device. No matter the difficulty, every project is always tackled with professionalism and care. 

Technical experts

Not only can we read design blueprints and give technical recommendations, we also provide you with options that best fit your project. We strive to be your go-to resource for solutions that deliver the difference you can see. 

Our promise

Easy to work with and hassle free service, it’s that simple. Behind that commitment is a team working hard to become your trusted supplier, consistently providing quality products, delivered on time and within budget. This is the Prentice way.

Products and Services

Durable. Industrial. Reliable. 


Durable Markings & Decals

• Longevity • Decals

Instrument Panels

• Overlays • Capacitive-touch Interfaces

Military & Aerospace

• Placards • Schematics

Metal Plates & Placards

• Durable • UID tags

Medical Device Marking

• Sterile  • Sensitive

Metal Photo Process

• Durable • Nameplates

Industrial Part Marking

• Permanent • Durable

Retail Branding

• Branding • Printed Graphics

Fleet Marking

• Commercial • First Responder 

Extended Content Labels

• Foldout • Pop Out • Compact

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with expert advice on materials, solutions or best processes for your next project, your Prentice Products team is ready to deliver the difference you can see.

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